Golub Corporation operates Price Chopper, Market 32, and Market Bistro supermarkets in New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Vermont, Pennsylvania, and New Hampshire. We exist to help people feed and support themselves and their families.


In addition, as an innovative retailer of products and services, we know that the constant satisfaction of our customers makes us successful. Price Chopper has an online portal called Price Chopper Direct Connect for its employees. This system offers several benefits and programs for the company’s employees.

To access them, simply sign in to Price Chopper Direct Connect. The following benefits are offered by Price Chopper, and employees can access them by logging into this portal.

Troubleshooting Guide

How can I avoid common connection issues for users accessing the My Price Chopper Direct Connect portal? Login errors, troubleshooting issues, and login issues are some of the most common issues faced by Price Selection Portal users and other website users. To prevent these problems from occurring, follow the precautions listed here.

  • Check the web address for spelling errors. In other words, check whether your web address is genuine or fraudulent.
  • Install antivirus or firewall software to protect your device systems for data security.
  • Regularly clear your browser’s cache, search history, and memory.
  • Please use a secure browser updated to the latest version.
  • Don’t forget to accept the “Captcha and Cookies” option.
  • You should use a stable and fast internet connection, especially a Wi-Fi router.
  • Make sure your device supports the web portal.
  • Enter the exact login information on the login page.
  • Please update your site if it is slow to load.
  • Alternatively, if issues persist, and you have questions about the respective web portal, please call 1-800-666-7667 Monday through Friday timings from 8:30 am to 7:00 pm, weekends 10:00 am to 4:00 am. You can also visit your administration at your place of work.