Each employee who joins Price Chopper Direct Connect has their professional information updated and available on the Direct Connect portal. You also provided your personal information and other related documents while working.


After completing your offline forms and submitting documents, you are entitled to access Price Chopper’s employee-only online portal. Request paid time off, submit leave requests, and monitor the progress of leave requests. Above all, keep track of past and current work reports, current project progress, update your profile, and above all, interact with your colleagues and superiors. In other words, employees can share their project progress and information with their managers and colleagues.

Why Price Chopper Direct Connect?

Price Chopper Corporation employees may perform various roles, such as:

  • Submit requests for maternity/paternity leave, sick leave, and personal leave and track the progress of those requests.
  • Employees can also apply for paid leave on this portal, depending on their professional experience at the company.
  • You can also monitor or look at your work reports from previous and current months.
  • On this portal, employees can access their personal and professional data and modify them if necessary.

It also offers several advantages such as:

  • You can see your monthly work list and your schedule.
  • You can access your statements online.
  • You can submit license requests and monitor approval status.
  • You have access to view and manage your professional profile.
  • Employee development and employment status can be viewed here.
  • You can view and manage your Price Chopper benefits through the portal.
  • You can also use this portal to get in touch with your colleagues.

Price Chopper has an online portal called Price Chopper Direct Connect for its employees. This system offers several benefits and programs for the company’s employees. It is as easy as signing up. There are some of the benefits offered by Price Chopper, and employees can take advantage of them by logging into this portal.